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October 2012 Updates

Hungary Mission Report

I appreciate all the prayers and support I received during the Hungary mission. I am happy to report that a Jewish man who was one of the contacts made during the mission weeks has now trusted in Jesus. There is another man who has possibly been saved or is very close to making a decision for the Lord. Bible discussions are still being held with some of the 92 unsaved Jewish contacts.

With the help of my fellow church member and professional artist, Rick Brown, we are developing a new tee shirt/sweat shirt/jacket design. The focus is "Where will YOU spend eternity?" The draft design below is close to what will be seen on the streets of Philadelphia. Also, regarding street evangelism, one of the members of a community Bible study I attend has felt the tug of the Lord to join me in street witnessing. I am training him and very soon we will hit the streets. Pray that we find prepared hearts and that the enemy would be bound so we have the freedom to present the Kingdom to unsaved Jews and Gentiles. If you are also interested to learn about tract distribution, or are already experienced in handing out tracts, and would like to join us, please contact me.

Evangelism Conference

I recently attended a 3 day conference on evangelism based on discipleship making. This is a system of evangelism through Discovery Bible Studies, a method of developing disciples of Jesus who grow and reproduce organically under the power of God’s Sprit. I will be meeting with a team leader who will help me follow through on this new form of evangelism. Please pray for God to bless.

My Health Concerns

My general health and blood sugar levels were good while I was in Hungary. Two days after I returned my blood sugars began rising. I thought I had eaten something that was contaminated and my body was reacting. My doctor ordered a series of tests. The tests did not show any infection or bacteria, but it showed that several enzymes in my liver were elevated. So, more tests were taken to see if I had hepatitis. Meanwhile, my blood sugar levels remained high even when my diet was correct and I exercised.

On Oct. 10th I went to the gym and exercised, which included speed walking on the gyms track. A friend noticed that my left eye lid was drooping. My doctor suggested I go to the emergency room, and the hospital admitted me because it appeared that I had a stoke. After much testing it was determined I had had a tiny stoke that effected only my left eye lid (which is now back to normal). Also, further blood tests were done that showed I continued to have elevated enzymes.

A cat-scan was done last week that showed what appears to be benign slow growing tumors on my pancreas and pelvic bone. Today I had two MRI procedures to further define what was seen on the cat-scan. I also will be meeting with a gastroenterologist on Wednesday to review everything and see what the next steps should be to correct what is causing the elevated enzymes. My endocrinologist started me on a new regiment of medicine and my blood sugars are now better. Please pray for God to set me free from these health concerns.

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