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The Breakdown of Moral Society

Ron Elkin
Ammi Ministry

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You don't have to be a genius to see that there is a breakdown in the moral climate of American society.

In The past, there was in America a common understanding of biblical principles that regulated sexual behavior and people's behavior towards one another. This was never perfect, and there always was a certain amount of evil being expressed by individuals. There was an understanding that society was more important then a radical individual that wanted to impose anti-biblical norms on the whole society.

Now we have judges deciding that individuals are more important than the society around them. For example, a judge recently decided that a person who identifies with a different sex than they were biologically born, must be allowed to use the opposite sexes' bathroom in schools. In other words, if a boy believes that he is a girl, he is free to go into a girls' bathroom in elementary school, junior high, or high school, at the same time the girls and young women are there. This judge decided to impose on the greater society a perversion that common sense tells us is wrong, and needs professional counseling. He doesn't care that he will cause the embarrassment and inconvenience of the vast majority of people in schools. This is an example of radical modern liberalism, and extreme individualism that is taking over society as long as we allow it.

Judge Robert Bork, a Supreme Court nominee, wrote a book called Slouching Towards Gomorrah that discusses these destructive tendencies that are now trying to reshape our society forcibly, through judicial rulings, and impose on God-fearing or at least common sense people, a perverted world. If this tendency is allowed to continue, it will make it illegal to live out biblical views in every day society. Perversion will be the norm, and biblical based moral society, which was the basis of American society since it's founding, will be considered old-fashioned, oppressive, and get this, immoral.

The prophets in the Bible were sent by God to speak against developments in society, and warned people and leaders of God's approaching judgment. Today, the church is the prophetic voice of God to do the same. God will only tolerate the craziness in our society for so long. We are not any more immune from his judgment than Israel's punishments, for example, the Babylonian exile in 586 B.C. and the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and the Roman Empire's destruction. This is not something that we should be complacent about. I understand that while I am a citizen of God's kingdom, and his world to come, I'm to love my neighbor as myself and warn them of God's eventual judgment, while explaining his way of grace and mercy and a path to salvation. The very least we can do is speak loudly and clearly the reality of God's standards, his opposition to those who violate them, and judgment on a society that condones and promotes evil. See Romans chapter 1.

Pray for God to raise up voices within the church that will not be afraid to speak the truth in love to our corrupt and evil society. One example of this type of voice is Ben Carson, I should say Dr. Ben Carson, chief children's neurologist, operating on the brain. He has directly confronted the president about his destructive policies. He is now paying the price for this by having the IRS come after him, his family and associates. Christians, we need to speak out against this oppression. If we remain silent and don't understand how evil this is, it will become more and more commonplace. People, including Christians, will be more afraid to speak out against evil in our society, and there will come a time, if we don't understand the need to loudly speak now (in love), when free speech will not be tolerated. You may think that I'm exaggerating, but all the signs are pointing to this.

Our government is descending to thuggery, yes it is getting that bad. What can we do? At the very least, contact and speak to your legislative representatives and speak the truth to them. Challenge them to live up to their oath to defend the Constitution of United States. Do not be afraid to confront them in love about their failure to live up to this oath and their accountability before God to keep their word. I know this sounds idealistic since cynicism is the rule of the day, but as believers we are called to speak the truth because God is truth. Our God reigns and is the master of the universe and we are his ambassadors. By speaking the truth, that everyone is accountable to God, we are proclaiming that the gospel is true. Don't be afraid to sound like a fanatic for God, God's real worldview is radical in His confrontation with this world's false reality.

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