Exodus (Shemoth) Quiz


  1. How long did darkness extend over Egypt during the 9th plague?

  2. Give the names of the brother and sister of Moses.

  3. Where were the Ten Commandments given, and how were they given?

  4. Why did Moses at first balk at God's command to be the one to lead the people out of Egypt?

  5. Where were the Hebrews going upon leaving Egypt?

  6. Quote each of the Ten Commandments. Where in Exodus are they found?

  7. Why did Pharaoh want to kill all the baby boys of the Hebrews?

  8. Describe the regulations concerning the gathering of the manna.

  9. Why did the Hebrews build a gold calf, and what happened to it?

  10. Describe the tenth plague.

  11. Describe the crossing of the Red Sea.

  12. Name the feast that lasted seven days in which the Hebrews could not eat bread made with yeast?

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