Deuteronomy (Devarim) Quiz


  1. Numbers 20 records the event of bringing water from the rock, an event at which Moses displeased the Lord. There it is recorded that the Lord would not allow Moses to lead Israel into Canaan (the promised land). However, it is not until Deuteronomy that we find out what the Lord did allow Moses to do in lieu of going into the land himself. What was it?

  2. In much of Deuteronomy Moses recounts the events that took place under his leadership after Israel left Egypt. In what chapter does he repeat in full detail the Ten Commandments?

  3. In Matthew 22:36 Jesus was asked, 'What is the greatest commandment in the Law?' In answer, he quoted from Deuteronomy. What is the greatest commandment?

  4. 'Now, O Israel, what does Yahweh your God ask of you?' Moses raises this question to reduce the requirements of God upon his people Israel to one simple, succinct statement. What is the answer?

  5. In a very important passage, Moses gives us some insight into the symbolic meaning of circumcision as the sign of the covenant God made with Abraham (Gen. 17). By referring to circumcision figuratively, what does Moses challenge the people to do?

  6. In Deuteronomy, Moses instructs the people on a very important point that must characterize their sacrificial worship of Yahweh, a point in stark contrast to Canaanite worship. What was this principle?

  7. Moses in Deuteronomy gives two tests by which the people could recognize a false prophet within their midst. What are they?

  8. In what passage does Deuteronomy condemn mediums and all forms of divination?

  9. Deuteronomy contains a very important Messianic prediction cited in the New Testament as fulfilled in Jesus. What is it?

  10. When Jesus was questioned about divorce, the Pharisees cited Deuteronomy. What had Moses said about divorce?

  11. Some 800 years after Moses, Israel was carried off into captivity by the Babylonian Empire. In a very important passage, Moses warns the people of this punishment. If after a series of increasingly severe punishments from God, the people continued in their sin, rebellion, and idolatry, exile would be the final, climactic disaster brought upon them. Where is this passage?

  12. In one of his most powerful addresses to the children of Israel, Moses sets before them an offer of life or death. Where is this passage and what are its details?

  13. Moses tells the people that what he is commanding them is not difficult or beyond their reach. The word that they must obey is not somewhere in heaven or across the sea. No, it is very near--in their mouth and in their heart. Where is this passage?

  14. What is the 'song of Moses'?

  15. A very important principle relating to God's people seeking revenge for wrongs done to them is enunciated in Deuteronomy. What is this principle, where is it given in Deuteronomy, and where is it quoted in the New Testament?

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