A response to a rebellious attack on God’s standards

We read an angry post railing against God’s standards, and the biblical fact that God hates homosexual behavior. The writer claimed that a comet split up and part of it destroyed. Sodom. And, he used the comet idea to show that God had no nothing to do with the destruction of Sodom.

Here is my response:

A scientist view of the biblical destruction of Sodom

You have bought into the “push the hate button attack” developed by the Gay Agenda to dismiss and oppress biblical truth. It sounds like you want a God that has no standards. Or, no God at all, so you’re free to do whatever you want. Is that true, is that what you want? Can a young child live with his biological parents as if they do not exist? Is a child free to completely disobey his parents and say to them you do not exist, and you have no right to tell me how to live my life? Let’s see how you will raise your children. Will you raise them without any rules, free to steal, lie to you, or destroy things in your home? I don’t think so.

The theory that a comet destroyed Sodom is a possibility, if this theory is true, it would not eliminate the hand of God from causing that to happen. As the link above written by a scientist discusses, a destructive comet would simply be an accurate portrayal (fire from heaven) of what is described in the Bible.

While the comet theory it is a possibility, the Bible has hundreds of actual objective prophecies that have come true. HAVE YOU STUDIED THESE PROPHECIES BEFORE DISMISSING THE BIBLICAL STANDARDS OR THE GOD OF THE BIBLE?

The usual reason that people want the Bible to not be true, is because they want to be able to live their lives without concern, guilt, or worry about obeying God. They want to live independent of their Creator. This is just like a child who wants to disobey their parents, even if their parents rules are good for the child. People believe that this is freedom, but the truth is that rejection of God’s standards imprisons them on a path of self destruction, and an unsatisfying life . God’s rules are not meant to destroy our freedom, but to enable us to have freedom within the parameters that are productive and life-giving.

I pray that you hear and accept God’s truth.

About Ron Elkin

Founder and president of AMMI Ministry, Willow Grove, PA. AMMI is a transliterated word from Hebrew. It means "My people." The word is found in Isaiah 40:1 where God declares, "Comfort, Comfort My People" As a ministry we believe there is no greater comfort than to help a person discover a personal relationship with the Creator God. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the Jewish people and whoever else God brings into our path.
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