What will God do with America

In the Old Testament, God judged Israel for their disobedience. First came the many defeats of the people by the nations surrounding Israel as described in the book of Judges. Then came the Babylonian exile, then the great dispersal of the Jewish people after 70 AD by the Romans. Prior to this chastisements, God warned Israel that their idolatry and rejection of His authority would lead to His Judgment. Is there any comparison with how God dealt with Israel and America. I believe there is. This nation was begun predominantly by Bible believing or respecting men

About Ron Elkin

Founder and president of AMMI Ministry, Willow Grove, PA. AMMI is a transliterated word from Hebrew. It means "My people." The word is found in Isaiah 40:1 where God declares, "Comfort, Comfort My People" As a ministry we believe there is no greater comfort than to help a person discover a personal relationship with the Creator God. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the Jewish people and whoever else God brings into our path.
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