Get ready to lose you religious convictions

Moslems, Jews, and Christians understand there is a God who has standards that does not allow for gay marriage. If gay marriage becomes the law of the land, those who believe in our Creator’s standards rather then men’s ideas, will face oppression. So much for equal rights.

Persecution is already happening in America, that people who have religious convictions that Gay Marriage is wrong are beingĀ fined by zealous civil rights commissions. For example a cake maker is under governmental persecution because thousands of years old religious convictions.

A gay couple asked him to make a wedding cake. he did not want to make a cake for a gay commitment ceremony. He explained to the couple that because of his religious convictions he could not make the cake. He also explained there were other stores nearby that would accommodate them.

Rather than accept and respect this man’s convictions, and go to another store, they complained to authorities. Now this company is facing fines and being told that religious beliefs are not a valid reason to not accommodate the couple. So, the owner is supposed to deny and oppress his deeply held faith in order to stay in business.This is governmental denial of religious freedom. This type of persecution will become common place as society uses equality
as an excuse to oppress those who believe and respect God’s reality.

About Ron Elkin

Founder and president of AMMI Ministry, Willow Grove, PA. AMMI is a transliterated word from Hebrew. It means "My people." The word is found in Isaiah 40:1 where God declares, "Comfort, Comfort My People" As a ministry we believe there is no greater comfort than to help a person discover a personal relationship with the Creator God. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the Jewish people and whoever else God brings into our path.
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