Freedom of Religion in Secular America

Freedom of religion is being thretened by Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services mandate to the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives and abortion pills to employees of Catholic related institutions (hospitals, adoption agencies, etc.). Eventually this ruling will apply to all religious related institutions (missions, charities, schools, etc.). The only exempt organizations (for now) would be houses of worship. What the HHS is demanding is a violation of the conscious of faith based works. The time has come to draw a line that God believers will not cross. This link is too a petition urging a change of policy. After signing the petition you will taken to a video of Chuck Colsen explaining the possible need for civil disobedience. http://​​petition/petition.aspx

About Ron Elkin

Founder and president of AMMI Ministry, Willow Grove, PA. AMMI is a transliterated word from Hebrew. It means "My people." The word is found in Isaiah 40:1 where God declares, "Comfort, Comfort My People" As a ministry we believe there is no greater comfort than to help a person discover a personal relationship with the Creator God. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the Jewish people and whoever else God brings into our path.
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