Gen 9:8-16 – No more floods

God proclaims a covenant between him and all living creatures that he would never again destroy life on earth by a flood. He give the rainbow as a sign of this covenant. It is interesting that the gay and others appropriate this sign as a sign of diversity. Diversity is used by these folks to mean that all people should be seen as acceptable including those that violate God’s prohibition against homosexuality. The rainbow coalition is divisive by lifting up each sub-group as being more important than the whole community. I don’t mean by this that people should not appreciate their ethnic or cultural background. But, when ethnicity is focused on, while at the same time making it more important than the overall culture, it is wrong.

This covenant doesn’t mean that God will not punish people by other means such as famine, fire, war, and disease. Many people in present day America and Europe reject the idea that God will judge them. If they believe in God at all they believe in a god of their own imagination that condones all manner of sin.

About Ron Elkin

Founder and president of AMMI Ministry, Willow Grove, PA. AMMI is a transliterated word from Hebrew. It means "My people." The word is found in Isaiah 40:1 where God declares, "Comfort, Comfort My People" As a ministry we believe there is no greater comfort than to help a person discover a personal relationship with the Creator God. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the Jewish people and whoever else God brings into our path.
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