A response to a rebellious attack on God’s standards

We read an angry post railing against God’s standards, and the biblical fact that God hates homosexual behavior. The writer claimed that a comet split up and part of it destroyed. Sodom. And, he used the comet idea to show that God had no nothing to do with the destruction of Sodom.

Here is my response:

A scientist view of the biblical destruction of Sodom

You have bought into the “push the hate button attack” developed by the Gay Agenda to dismiss and oppress biblical truth. It sounds like you want a God that has no standards. Or, no God at all, so you’re free to do whatever you want. Is that true, is that what you want? Can a young child live with his biological parents as if they do not exist? Is a child free to completely disobey his parents and say to them you do not exist, and you have no right to tell me how to live my life? Let’s see how you will raise your children. Will you raise them without any rules, free to steal, lie to you, or destroy things in your home? I don’t think so.

The theory that a comet destroyed Sodom is a possibility, if this theory is true, it would not eliminate the hand of God from causing that to happen. As the link above written by a scientist discusses, a destructive comet would simply be an accurate portrayal (fire from heaven) of what is described in the Bible.

While the comet theory it is a possibility, the Bible has hundreds of actual objective prophecies that have come true. HAVE YOU STUDIED THESE PROPHECIES BEFORE DISMISSING THE BIBLICAL STANDARDS OR THE GOD OF THE BIBLE?

The usual reason that people want the Bible to not be true, is because they want to be able to live their lives without concern, guilt, or worry about obeying God. They want to live independent of their Creator. This is just like a child who wants to disobey their parents, even if their parents rules are good for the child. People believe that this is freedom, but the truth is that rejection of God’s standards imprisons them on a path of self destruction, and an unsatisfying life . God’s rules are not meant to destroy our freedom, but to enable us to have freedom within the parameters that are productive and life-giving.

I pray that you hear and accept God’s truth.

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Protect our children from being manipulated

I am reading Dr. Michael book “A Queer thing happened to America and what a strange long journey it’s been.” It is amazingly sad how a tiny minority of people has transform society and is now influencing our children in public schools to except the gay lifestyle as normal. Teachers are teaching young children to have doubts about their sexual identity. This “reeducation” is beginning in elementary school where children are at an age of when they do not understand sexuality, nor the consequences of playing with the idea of changing their sexual identity. What a sick world we live in!

this makes me think that churches need to have schools for younger children to help them not be indoctrinated with this horrible garbage. To understand thin problem please buy or borrow Dr. Brown’s book, and read the chapter on the gay agenda and public education.

Churches need to consider beginning schools, or joining forces with other churches to begin a school if one doesn’t already exist in their area. This is necessary to protect our children. These schools need to be affordable. In PA business can designate their state taxes towards a private or public school. Very few people know about this opportunity to support Christian education. Call the state tax department to learn more about this great opportunity. If you live in another state check into or speak to your legislatures about this possibility (use PA’s law as an example).

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Proverbs 9:10

10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One

In the United States, our school system and media is affecting and educating people to have no respect for their Creator. They are walking around blind to God’s reality and standards. They delight in the idea of all the biblical Godly boundaries being broken down so they can create a new human based reality.  In the end, if God doesn’t show mercy and open their eyes to see His ultimate truth, they will perish. May God’s mercy be extended to these walking dead and may He awaken them to repent and believe in Messiah Jesus. Pray earnestly!


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Get ready to lose you religious convictions

Moslems, Jews, and Christians understand there is a God who has standards that does not allow for gay marriage. If gay marriage becomes the law of the land, those who believe in our Creator’s standards rather then men’s ideas, will face oppression. So much for equal rights.

Persecution is already happening in America, that people who have religious convictions that Gay Marriage is wrong are being fined by zealous civil rights commissions. For example a cake maker is under governmental persecution because thousands of years old religious convictions.

A gay couple asked him to make a wedding cake. he did not want to make a cake for a gay commitment ceremony. He explained to the couple that because of his religious convictions he could not make the cake. He also explained there were other stores nearby that would accommodate them.

Rather than accept and respect this man’s convictions, and go to another store, they complained to authorities. Now this company is facing fines and being told that religious beliefs are not a valid reason to not accommodate the couple. So, the owner is supposed to deny and oppress his deeply held faith in order to stay in business.This is governmental denial of religious freedom. This type of persecution will become common place as society uses equality
as an excuse to oppress those who believe and respect God’s reality.

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PA residents – write to Governor Corbett to uphold DOMA Law

  1. The redefining of marriage has now come to PA in the form of a upcoming court hearing by a lesbian requesting that PA’s DOMA law that defines a marriage as between a man & woman be overturned as unconstitutional. PA’s General Attorney, who was appointed by Gov. Corbett, is refusing to defend the law in court. Up to this point the governor has not done anything to uphold the law of PA. The following is a letter to Gov. Corbett. I urge all you to write to your PA state Senator and Representative and to the Governor. Please read through the letter to the Governor and change it as need to reflect your thoughts. At the very least Christians have a duty to warn those opposing God’s will of the spiritual consequences awaiting them on judgment day when they stand before a Holy and uncompromising God. God alone is the author of reality, not the whim’s of mankind.To the Honerable Gov. Tom Corbett,It is outrages that PA’s A.G. will not defend the law defining marriage as a union between a man and woman. I connected with you’re a while back about this issue. Now the court hearing is upon us.

    Please either fire the A.G. and replace her with someone is committed to legally fighting for the state laws, or, appoint a special counsel to uphold the law in court.

    If gay marriage becomes the law of PA through a court decision, it will eventually cause the repression of the rights of Bible, Koran, and Torah believing Christians, Moslems, and Jews. It has already been seen in other states. God respecting people have experienced being fined and persecuted for exercising their faith in God rather than violate their conscience.

    The time is approaching when all of us will have to decide – follow God, or bow to man’s rebellious ways.

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PA AG refuses to uphold PA Doma Law

ERE IS A LINK TO EXPLAIN MORE ABOUT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S REFUSAL TO UPHOLD PA DOMA LAW.http://thecapitolwatch.com/2013/07/ag-wont-defend-people-of-pa-deserve-better/#comment-4878

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Christians are trying to recapture the past

Many Christians are trying to recapture Christianized America, and are unprepared for the growing pagan society we are sliding into. Pray that the leaders of evangelical Bible believing and God fearing churches, will awaken and prepare their members to stand strong for the Lord.

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Today’s Pagan World

Today’s pagan society is a reverse mirror image of God’s reality. We seem like fossils standing in the way of the Brave New World of self creation. The pagans are excited about the prospects of doing away with God’s reality and replacing it with their imagined idea of freedom – see Psalm 2

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The church needs to speak out in love and confront evil

Many churches have forgotten or avoided the idea of judgment being part of the whole counsel of God’s word. Many Christians are afraid to turn off people by explaining the consequences of rebellion against God. While showing love for people is appropriate, churches are not to shrink away from being the prophetic voice of God and warn our leaders that violating God’s standards will bring judgement for them and America. We are to speak to the leaders and the society with the spirit of love – not political partisanship. We are to speak to the leaders and society with loving concern for the eternal future of their souls.

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A Clash of Word Views – Who Will You Serve

Americans live in a divided society. Many people still follow the biblical world view of reality. A biblical world view dominated the understanding of those who established America. They believed that people were created beings, who were accountable to a moral, righteous, and just God. God has spoken to us through the Holy Bible to impart His standards and the path to wholeness and life. He also makes it clear that all of us violate His standards in word, thought, deed, or lack of deed. He offers mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation to those who repent and submit to Him.

On the other side there are those who rejects biblical reality and moral boundaries. They reject the Bible as the foundation for understanding what is right and wrong. Some people whose family roots included Christianity or Judaism may try to adhere to many of the moral principles taught in the Bible, but reject the God of the Bible. Others give credence to the Bible but they twist the Scripture to allow for their particular sins or others’ sins. Or they may deny the idea of sin all together. This non biblical religious/secular humanist community is often, but not always, liberal in their political beliefs. In reality they have their own religious worldview. They reject “the old way” of established biblical Christianity, and are out to establish a “new reality” that is fairer (in their estimation). In their reality it is human understanding that reigns. What the Bible calls sin they call natural behavior. In their reality they try to persuade people that the shame and guilt they feel for what the God calls sin should be accepted as good and natural. They believe they can create a new reality through the government or anarchy.

The liberal government in the name of equality, steals money from productive people in order to “level the ground.” The communist and socialist societies of the Twentieth Century tried this experiment on a large scale. Except in a few very small countries these experiments have created dictatorships, misery, and corruption. Often these experimental societies have seen Christianity as an obstacle because of its emphasis on the value of the individual as our Declaration of Independence proclaims “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Those who formed America’s constitution also has a great regard for private property including personal wealth, and an individual’s responsibility to be self-supportive through work and productivity. The founders of America frowned on the socialist ideals of the French Revolution and believed it was wrong to force productive people to take care of willfully unproductive folks. Christianity has always believed it was proper to help the widow, orphan and other truly needy people. America’s founders could not have imagined that people in America would be forced through taxes to support people who choose to have many children out of wedlock through different non-supporting men, or people who are poor because of choosing to be self-destructive through addictions, disregard for education, and lawlessness.

It was through the church that charities were established to help the poor. Christianity is not indifferent to those in need, but does not encourage blindly helping those who could help themselves. Not all Christianity has followed this biblical world view of the individual’s worth, private property, and productivity. But, where it has been proclaimed and practiced societies have prospered. Now, some of you might be thinking of all the inequities and injustice that has occurred in Christian societies (i.e. slavery, and racism) but these were not Christian ideas but man’s sinfulness. At the same time many of these problems were addressed by faithful Christians like William Wilberforce in England (24 August 1759 – 29 July 1833) who dedicated his life to the abolishment of slavery, and the Quakers in early19th century America who spoke out against slavery in the South.

We’re in a time when the biblical and non-biblical world views are clashing. This is not a live and let live situation. The secular world wants the biblical world to acknowledge that sinful behavior is good. This is not possible. That is why eventually, if the secular worldview dominates, it must try to make Bible believers conform to secularism. In other words oppress us. The idea that God is to be left out of the public realm and religion is strictly private is a newly invented reality. Religious or secular views form values that effect a person’s political views, habits, work ethics, sexual mores, and in truth all aspects of life. The idea that one can segregate God faith from the rest of everyday life is not real.

Hold the line God believers, the world wants to minimize your faith bit by bit. Don’t be like the frog who is put in cold water and then the water is slowly heated until the frog is cooked. The frog grows accustomed the water getting warmer and doesn’t save itself by jumping out of the pot. We can’t jump out of America, but we can refuse to cooperate with ungodly demands of government or society. I urge everyone to look at the Manhattan Declaration which chooses to put God first to the point of civil disobedience if the government demands citizens goes against their religious values like the Department of Health and Human Services has recently tried to do with the Catholic Church’s institutions. Be ready to hold the line for God. Prepare your mind and heart, urge your pastor to speak on the interface between government the church. In my next posting I will be talking about this issue more.

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